Jersey Devil Social Club

  Jersey Devil Social Club was conceived in northern New Jersey in 1980 as a studio-based soundtrack project. Unreleased tapes were shelved in various states of completion until they were unearthed in 2001.
  The core of the original J.D.S.C. group consisted of two Italian immigrant brothers, Lorenzo and Vincenzo Capo. Vincenzo's daughter Anabella contributed spoken vocal parts (apparently because she had almost no Italian accent) and two Latin percussionist friends of the brothers (credited simply as "Carlos 1" and "Carlos 2") rounded out the lineup. It was in this formation that the members composed the bulk of their catalog. This included 1982's 13-minute tribute to an obscure French disco LP, Black Devil, themed around Vincenzo's obsession the local "Jersey Devil" myth.
  The group ceased working together in 1984 when the brothers founded Vinnie's Pizzarama. They continue to operate the pizza parlor today and recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the business.